CONNEKT Final Conference in Brussels
CONNEKT Final Conference in Brussels

The CONNEKT project concluded its final conference in Brussels after two days of intensive discussions and collaboration. The conference, titled “Local Responses to Global Challenges: A Community-Based Approach to Preventing Violent Extremism,” brought together researchers, EU representatives, and stakeholders to explore effective strategies for preventing radicalisation among young people in the MENA and Balkan countries under study.

Led by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), CONNEKT has been at the forefront of examining the drivers of radicalisation and violent extremism among youth aged 12 to 30 in eight countries. Throughout the conference, researchers of the project from diverse backgrounds shared insights into the project’s findings and proposed community-based solutions.

Day one of the conference, featured presentations on cross-regional comparative approaches and discussions on drivers and enabling environments for radicalisation. Engaging youth as active participants in prevention efforts was a focal point, with sessions dedicated to exploring ethical considerations and perspectives.

On day two, discussions centered on bridging science to policy and action. Presentations highlighted CONNEKT’s innovative prevention toolkits and cross-regional guidelines aimed at empowering civil society organizations and local authorities in their efforts to prevent violent extremism.

Throughout the conference, several speakers emphasized the importance of translating research findings into tangible policy recommendations and cooperation initiatives at the EU level.


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