The CONNEKT team presents the project at 4 international events in the Euromediterranean
The CONNEKT team presents the project at 4 international events in the Euromediterranean

In the past few months, the CONNEKT project has been invited to four events to explain the rationale of the project, its approach, its methodology, and the findings so far.

On 8-9 September 2022, the results of the CONNEKT research were presented and discussed at the 14th Annual International Conference of the Society for Terrorism Research, titled “The future of terrorism and terrorism research”. The event took place at Coventry University and the presentation was made by Lurdes Vidal, scientific coordinator of the project.

On 15-16 September 2022, CONNEKT participated at an International workshop and symposium titled “Explaining Extreme Beliefs and Extreme Behavior”, organised by the dutch project Extreme Beliefs. Lurdes Vidal discussed the project and the topic “Mapping the interplay of radicalisation drivers in the Balkans and the MENA region“.

On 20-25 September 2022, the CONNEKT project was selected to participate in the International Insanyyat Forum in Tunis, with a co-organised session with its sister projects (PAVE and PREVEX) which counted with the participation of the Jasmine Foundation, from Tunisia. Besides, CONNEKT’s Moroccan partner (Université Moulay Ismail Meknès) also participated, organising a session focused on violent radicalisation in that MENA country. The gathering congregated 1500 participants from 35 countries.

On 21-24 September 2022, CONNEKT presented its ongoing findings at the 22nd annual edition of the Eurocrim conference (Eurocrim 2022) organised by the European Society of Criminologists in Malaga, Spain. Experts from both shores of the Mediterranean took the floor to talk about radicalisation and violent extremism.