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Tunisia - Country Paper on Micro-Level Drivers
06 June 2024
This work aims to understand violent extremism in four Tunisian regions and examine the factors contributing to it, such as forms of social exclusion as well as social, political, economic and cultural inequalities.
Prevention Measures against Violent Extremism and Radicalisation in the MENA and Balkans
21 May 2024
This report offers policy orientations and recommendations that include reforms of public service and institutions (education, justice system, social services, economic development, youth policies...)
Prevention Guidelines for Local Authorities in the MENA and the Balkans
21 May 2024
Local authorities are the key towards addressing radicalisation and VE as CONNEKT data has shown that the local context defines the environment in which such phenomena occur.
MOROCCO - Country Paper on Micro-Level Drivers
09 May 2024
The results of this work help grasp the reasons and motivations that explain VE among young people, but also an entry point for building pve frameworks.
JORDAN - Country Paper on Micro-Level Drivers
09 May 2024
This report provides the necessary quantitative evidence to guide researchers, policy makers, and prevention of violent extremism (PVE) stakeholders on potential programming and entry point interventions in Jordan.