|Micro-level drivers

Bulgaria – Country Paper on Micro-Level Drivers

20 May 2024

The objective of this report is to analyse individual root causes of violent extremism (VE) considering the seven drivers identified in the CONNEKT project: religion, economic deprivation, territorial inequalities, transnational dynamics, digital socialisation, socio-political issues (claims and grievances), and education, culture and leisure opportunities.

The main research question is what are the drivers of radicalisation and VE at the individual level in Bulgaria, not only from the point of view of personal values and beliefs but also considering processes of primary and secondary socialisation that have an influence on individuals.

Such processes can present very diverse patterns due to the combination of factors, in some cases common to different communities but in others caused by specific situations of a specific social environment. This report focuses on the interaction of different factors observed in the Bulgarian sample of young people aged 15-30. These individual factors are critical for understanding the potential drivers of VE and can be very useful to verify, discard or refine patterns, contexts and drivers identified at the macro and meso levels.

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