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The unexplored potential of the EU as a mediator of PCVE efforts across its neighbourhood
12 June 2024
A CONNEKT Joint Policy Paper on strategies and recommendations for the EU to prevent and counter radicalisation and violent extremism.
Country Papers on Prevention of Extremism
04 March 2024
After examining the drivers and social contexts of radicalisation and VE in the MENA regions and the Balkans (Meso level of the research), this publication shares the findings related to the potential factors of prevention.
Women's Agency in Prevention
02 October 2023
This report contains the key takeaways from the Cross-Regional Women's Forum on violent extremism (VE) organised by CONNEKT in Tarragona, Spain.
CONNEKT Cross-Regional Youth Forum: Youngsters as Actors for Prevention
02 May 2023
This report contains the key takeaways from the CONNEKT Cross-Regional Youth Forum on violent extremism (VE) in Spokje, North Macedonia.
Policy Paper on Countering and Preventing Macro-Level Drivers of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism in MENA and Balkans
17 October 2022
This paper aims to provide practical and useful policy recommendations for countering radicalisation and Violent Extremism, addressing seven hypothetical drivers deemed to be prompting youth into Violent Extremism.