CONNEKT at the Eurocrim2022 Malaga Conference
CONNEKT at the Eurocrim2022 Malaga Conference

CONNEKT’s ongoing research findings were presented at the 22nd annual edition of the Eurocrim conference (Eurocrim 2022) organised by the European Society of Criminologists in Malaga, Spain, on 21-24 September 2022.

The project had a pre-arranged panel on 23 Sept entitled “Tuning into Bordering Geographies: Reviewing Approaches to Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (VE) in the EU, Western Balkans and The Mena Region”.

Four presenters took the floor. Stefan Ralchev of CSD spoke of institutional perceptions and community dynamics in Bulgaria vis-a-vis the risks of Islamic and far-right radicalisation.

Muamer Hirkic of the University of Sarajevo discussed the contextualisation of institutional and community-level drivers of radicalisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans.

Barik Mhadeen’s (Generations for Peace, Jordan) intervention focused on a new approach to radicalisation and CVE strategies in Jordan, one going beyond addressing religion.

And Florian Bieber of the University of Graz looked into what he called the “pan-European dynamics” of the far right in Southeastern Europe.


Málaga (Spain)


23 September 2022

Organised by

European Society of Criminologists

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