Cross-Regional Youth Forum in Skopje
Cross-Regional Youth Forum in Skopje

CONNEKT is committed to allow youth to be a strong voice not only as subject of study but also as stake-holder in the response to radicalisation and violent extremism.

Focusing on young people aged from 12 to 30, fieldwork research and dynamics explored so far have shed some light on the specific challenges affecting them. By engaging them in this Youth Forum in Skopje (North Macedonia), youth views and knowledge will contribute to the quality and appropriation of results. In fact, this event is seen as a key milestone of the project that will help turn it into actions the research and findings of the project.

By employing a social innovation methodology, the Cross-regional Youth Forum will decisively contribute to the results with creative and innovative ideas and strategies for prevention against violent extremism.




14 December 2022

Organised by

Islamic Youth Forum
Université Moulay Ismaïl

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