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Addressing Violent Extremism in the MENA Region
18 April 2024
this policy paper provides an overview of the research findings in the MENA region and offers recommendations for national governments, international organisations, and civil society actors to develop effective prevention strategies.
Joint Study on Drivers of Radicalisation in MENA
17 April 2024
This report aims to synthesise the findings of research activities undertaken in the MENA region within this multilevel framework and discuss their intersections and significance.
Country Papers on Prevention of Extremism
04 March 2024
After examining the drivers and social contexts of radicalisation and VE in the MENA regions and the Balkans (Meso level of the research), this publication shares the findings related to the potential factors of prevention.
Meso approaches to the study of radicalisation and
violent extremism: a view from the MENA region
13 November 2023
The MENA region has complex...
Country papers on meso-level drivers in MENA and the Balkans
13 December 2022
This report shares the findings of the meso-level research activities conducted by CONNEKT in 7 countries that included 39 focus groups, 74 in-depth interviews and 2 online observations of public social media groups.