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KOSOVO - Country Paper on Micro-Level Drivers
09 May 2024
The findings of can inform the development of targeted interventions and policies aimed at effectively preventing and countering radicalisation in Kosovo.
Micro approaches to the study of radicalisation and violent extremism: a view from the Balkans region
11 April 2024
This report examines the impact of predefined drivers of radicalisation and violent extremism (VE) at a micro level in the Balkans region.
Kosovo - Meso-level Drivers of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism
13 December 2022
This report shares the findings of the meso-level research activities conducted by CONNEKT in Kosovo.
Kosovo - Macro-drivers of radicalisation and violent extremism
07 September 2021
Mapping the drivers of radicalisation in the light of state dynamics in Kosovo.
Balkans: Regional Perspectives on Radicalisation and Violent Extremism
30 March 2021
Understanding the phenomena of radicalisation and violent extremism through a comparative perspective in four Balkan countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo and North Macedonia)