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Policy Paper on Countering and Preventing Meso-Level drivers of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism in MENA and Balkans
11 April 2024
After exploring the evolution from driver analysis to prevention strategies, this policy paper underscores the importance of community-level interventions in understanding prevention strategies.
Meso approaches to the study of radicalisation and
violent extremism: a view from the Balkans region
13 November 2023
Economic and political factors, religion,...
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Meso-level Drivers of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism
13 December 2022
This report shares the findings of the meso-level research activities conducted by CONNEKT in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Macro-drivers of radicalisation and violent extremism
07 September 2021
Mapping the drivers of radicalisation in the light of state dynamics in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Country Report on National Approaches to Extremism
21 December 2020
This report focuses on Bosnia-Herzegovina’s national structural and contextual approaches and strategies towards radicalisation and violent extremism.